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Why should you choose video for your corporate training and development?

MotoFoto Video Training Videos for Businesses

Undoubtedly, we live in a globally competitive world. Businesses face many unprecedented challenges like never seen before. Often these challenges revolve around protecting your companies bottom-line and the need to expand and train new staff simultaneously. 

It’s no secret that robust learning and staff development are essential for any successful businesses. However, did you know that embracing training videos helps develop your team’s knowledge whilst lowering training costs overall? That’s not the only benefit, read on as we discuss some of the advantages of your staff’s video training and development.

Creating training videos allows you to deliver clear and concise messaging. 

The best way to evaluate the success of your training; is to measure its effectiveness. We’ve all been in that situation. You’ve sunk a full work week and a significant amount of resources into your staff training. Friday comes around, and you’re just not confident if the sessions have been as effective as you initially hoped. You are not sure if your staff have learned or understood much of the training. Ultimately, you’re left wanting to know if the session has been a fair use of time or not. However, speaking with staff isn’t always an effective route to analysing whether your training was successful.

With the help of corporate training videos, you can create content that creates a clear and concise learning strategy through visuals, animations and film. You can encompass a range of pictorial graphs, stop-motion, live actions, charts and powerpoints that deliver more concise sense to the viewers.

By creating your corporate training videos, you can break down the complexity of information into pieces and explaining them with clear, simple, easy to understand ideas and visuals. By creating training videos for your staff, every dry and complicated topic can be made exciting.

Creating training videos improve staff engagement

Video is the best engaging tool to grab everybody’s attention. According to Forrester Research, 75% of people prefer video content than documents, emails, website articles, or other kinds of reading materials. 

“Why read a book if you can watch a movie”.

Visual media always has an exciting and awe-inspiring method to deliver training. Video content is will always engage your staff more than any dull office-based lectures. This is because your team will feel more comfortable while watching a video.

Watching a training video keeps your team well informed. Employees can replay your lectures anytime and as many times as needed. They can share the training freely with others, ultimately boosting your staff’s work productivity. 

Creating training videos keeps training costs down.

When you think about training, up to 85% of your company budget can be wasted on 1-to-1 or group training.

Unlike office training, video training dramatically reduces your training costs. Although there is an initial investment cost in terms of creating the content, from that point in, all you need to do is press play. You can run training sessions over and over, with no additional fee’s.

For companies with remote workers, video is a fantastic way to reduce the costs of travelling for training. Employees can continue to receive their training remotely.

Want to reduce costs? Use video to deliver your training courses to increase efficiency for your employee’s.

Your target audiences may vary from children and older students to parents, staff, customers and communities.

Whether you provide your own script or request that we write one for you, we are here to ensure that we find a training video solution that suits your business.

Services we can offer your business

  • Filming a trainer or demonstrator on your premises
  • Fully scripted training scenarios using actors – for example to illustrate company values
  • Filming software demonstration with voice-over for digital training

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