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How do buyer personas help your video marketing strategy?


Video Marketing & Brand Personas

Video is an excellent method of communication for a business. However, something worth noting is that your video marketing strategy should be built around a buyer persona. Simply speaking, a video content strategy is all about creating an authentic relationship with your target audience. Did you know that 65% of people believe brands don’t produce videos worthy of their attention? However, the key to creating a successful marketing video is just an exercise in empathy.

Understanding your target markets pain points

The primary purpose of your video content strategy is two-fold. Firstly, it should aim to understand and empathise with your audience, and secondly, it should strive to offer a solution. Creating customer personas allows your company’s video marketing efforts to shift to a more customer-centric approach rather than a product deliverance. 

Use your customer personas to frame your messaging

To make your videos engaging, you must gain a more in-depth insight into your target audience’s daily life. Developing a customer persona is not rocket science, and it’s relatively straight forward to do. However, the pay off allows you to frame your videos with a storyline that suits your clients. The more you get to know your customers, the more you can craft your messaging to serve them, and ultimately the more your customer base will come to love your branding.

Use personas to narrow down your advertising efforts

Simply put, your video creatin efforts are wasted costs if they do not target the right customers. However, by using customer personas, you can be easily resolved through the use of customer personas. You can narrow your audience by their preferences and interests that will undoubtedly optimise your spent budget, allowing your customer to put its marketing budget where it matters most.

Using customer personas to optimise your video marketing budget

Creating videos that resonate with your audience issues can generate more traffic to your business. However, showing your advertising to the wrong crowd is ineffective. A Buyer persona is the best solution to minimise your company video marketing budget. Ultimately you’ll see a considerable increase in your ROI.

Using customer personas allows for batter care and customer services.

Buyer personas are beneficial at the initial stage and continuously pay you back at every step of the process. When you have your targeted audience, your team can stay connected and build a healthy rapport with your customers through video marketing—ultimately ensuring happy customers. 

Use company personas to develop future services or products

After developing your marketing campaign, you can eventually take this process further. You can ask for recommendations from your audience what they want more in the future. For example, what changes they want in your products. It affords your customers the ability to get involved with your companies and services, ultimately developing your brand. 

Find out how video marketing can be effectively used to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your target market.

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