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How to create an effective Christmas video for your business

MotoFoto - Christmas Social Media Video

Christmas adverts and social media content have become synonymous with the British festive season. Holiday videos are a fantastic opportunity for a company to market its principles whilst focusing on making a fantastic festive video.

Christmas Videos increase your companies brand awareness

From large corporate commercials to personal festive email video greetings, the holidays are the perfect chance to give your business a more personal touch. With social video content exploding like never before making Christmas Adverts a perfect way to flex those storytelling muscles whilst increasing your brand awareness.

Reach a new audience through video

Many potential customers excitedly tune in every year to partake in the battle of the best festive advert. It’s no secret that video content is on the rise. With 90% of consumers making direct and indirect purchases from video content alone, video allows your business to reach new audiences in a more cost-effective manner.

MotoFoto is a Manchester-based video production company. We provide corporate video production services for businesses, organisations and individuals throughout Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire. MotoFoto specialises in various areas such as corporate festive films, and videos for social media marketing. Want to learn more about our video production services? Why not contact us for a quote today.

What is the purpose of a Christmas Corporate social media video?

A holiday video should show off the real heart of your company- whether it’s a family-focused business or a passion to be an innovative, edgy company.

How to create an effective Christmas Video Advert?

  • Storytelling. The best adverts in the world today aren’t adverts; they are stories. Think of John Lewis, Coca-cola, Iceland. None of their Christmas adverts sells a particular item or product. Instead, they take the reader on a journey and fill the viewer with a heartfelt and passionate journey. The end result? A story worth talking about in the eyes of the viewer.
  • Write a script. So you’re probably thinking, how do I achieve the former? This, of course, is the result of a great deal of planning, scripting and organisation. The more prepared you are before filming, the more successful your shoot will be. 
  • Company Branding: Whilst the entire focus on your advert should be on storytelling, and not product placement, company branding still plays a critical role. However, this is an easy feat to achieve; for example, your company logo should be positioned with a relevant festive tagline at the end of the advert. Another option to consider is a call to action placed throughout the video.
  • Select the right platform for your Christmas advert: Before filming, it’s essential to consider where your companies video will be shown. Each individual social media channel offers a unique opportunity for video content. The video itself will be affected by the video’s topic and your companies’ audience. For example, if you’re a B2B company, the chances are you will be filming for LinkedIn video.

Here at MotoFoto, we know that every project is different so we adapt our approach and crew to best fit your needs. We love working with all types of individuals, brands, agencies and organisations to create eye-catching content.

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In the meantime, why not look at our recent Christmas Video created for Norden’s independant NEEVA organisation

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